To be transparent about any possible side effects when using our cosmetic skin cream we are sharing our testimonials.

In respect to those claiming positive side effects, we do not support these findings, and believe that any perceived positive side effects to be purely coincidental.  We are not aware of any negative side effects.

Muscle Aches / Pain

  • Hello. A health care practitioner of mine recommended your product for topical treatment of back pain. I’m wondering where I can buy it?

    Dylan Back Pain
  • Hello Several months ago a friend gave me this cream. I used it a few times with very satisfactory results. Recently my 78 mother has had severe shoulder pain and I gave her my tub of cream. She felt so relieved after her first use, she was asking where to get it ? Thank you so much,

  • My husband & I use your cream for our aches & pains of old age.

  • “Hello. A health care practitioner of mine reccomended your product for topical treatment of back pain. I’m wondering where I can buy it?” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Most recent. “Thank you. I went by the shop and received great service. The cream was effective immediately as well.”

    Dylan Back Pain
  • My niece gave me some Therapeutic Healing Cream for an inflamed arthritic knee and back pain. It has proved beneficial. I live in Nanaimo and am wondering where I can purchase more?

  • Hi, I have been desperately looking for where I can buy this product!! I live in Vancouver BC and my husband got a jar of your topical cream from a friend, because he has such bad circulation in his legs, and his lower legs had gone almost black with bruising and swelling. He had gone to multiple doctors and they said it was a rash and there was nothing that could be done. But after just one application the difference was noticeable”… “Now that area is completely clear.” …”I WANT TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT, IT WORKS MIRACLES!!” …”how can it be, that a product that works as good as yours isn’t available in every drug store, everywhere? Thank you so much for making this cream! Now what do I have to do to get some of it!!!

  • I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.  I used it immediately and within the following day of using 3-4 times daily, my pain , movement , swelling of the joints on my hand was back to a normal, non pained, movable hand.   Now I use it every couple of days for it doesn’t go away completely.  but what a nice feeling to curb that pain and to have a hand that works.

    Carol Swollen Joints & Hand Pain
  • I just wanted to say that I have been trying a number of topicals for over a year now for muscle aches and spasms. Your product worked FAR better than a few of the more expensive products out there.   It just works (10-15 minutes) and I don’t need much. Excellent product!

  • Wow!! I’m fortunate enough to get foot rubs on my very sore and painful arthritic feet with this cream. Hubby’s hands feel great too! Not bad for a couple of seniors? I’m back at walking and very little pain! I need more.

  • I got a sample of your cream from my girl in Oak bay who does acupuncture. My son has major back problems and i gave him the sample, he said it works better than his pain killers with no side effects.

  • This has been a big help for me in a lot of ways, to the pain in my hand, the muscles in my neck, and the headache I get.  It has helped my mom a lot as well with her pain, so thank you a lot and keep up the good work.

  • Absolutely love this topical balm. I have an old sports injury, previously tore my medial meniscus and have some discomfort whenever I work out. I applied this cream to my knee post work out and was it ever effective! I now use it regularly, post workout and it works extremely well at eliminating the pain. The balm is nice and light when applied, and smells amazing. I also use it on my dry hands; as a nurse I am using sanitizer on my hands quite frequently and I am prone to sore, dry patches by the end of my shift. This balm works wonders for that as well. A great all around balm to use for dry sore skin, and muscle/joint pain. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends!

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