To be transparent about any possible side effects when using our cosmetic skin cream we are sharing our testimonials.

In respect to those claiming positive side effects, we do not support these findings, and believe that any perceived positive side effects to be purely coincidental.  We are not aware of any negative side effects.


  • This product worked wonders on my shingles rash. It immediately stopped the itching and reduced the pain by half. The waves of sharp stabbing pain In the effected area ceased within 20 minutes of application. I used the product in conjunction with traditional antiviral medication and the rash was seriously diminished in 24 hours and completely gone in 4 days. This product almost completely eliminates the lingering skin sensitivity, pain and itch that always remains in the effected area after the shingles rash clears up.

  • He gave me a sample yesterday to treat the pain I am having due to a rare type of shingles I have called Ramsay Hunt. The balm helped reduce the pain so that I could sleep a couple of hours.

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