To be transparent about any possible side effects when using our cosmetic skin cream we are sharing our testimonials.

In respect to those claiming positive side effects, we do not support these findings, and believe that any perceived positive side effects to be purely coincidental.  We are not aware of any negative side effects.

Knee Pain

  • Hi, a few years ago a gentleman stopped by my beauty salon and dropped off a sample of Lemon Balm. I kept it in my fridge and totally forgot about it. Recently I had pain in my knees and decided to try out the balm. It took the pain away and now I would to purchase the cream. Could you please let me know where I can get the cream?

    Lily Knee Pain
  • my wife has tried it on her knee and has found it gives her relief of the pain.

    Ernest Knee Pain
  • My niece gave me some Therapeutic Healing Cream for an inflamed arthritic knee and back pain. It has proved beneficial. I live in Nanaimo and am wondering where I can purchase more?

  • In spring of 2017 my left thumb became stiff and often locked in place and was painful to move or straighten by moving with my right hand. Xrays told me I had early stages of OA. While in Sooke visiting my wife’s aunt she told me of your cream that she had used on her wrist after falling and breaking it. I ran out and bought some immediately and I was amazed at how fast I got relief from the pain and stiffness. Within two weeks of nightly application my thumb is back to 100% mobility. in spring of 2018 the same thing began happening with my right thumb. I had run out of the first jar of cream so I tried other cannabis creams but with no significant relief. In April I made another trip to Sooke and bought several jars of your Lemon Balm. It has been a month now and my right thumb has improved back to about 90% mobility and very little stiffness or pain remains. Awesome stuff. I am now applying to my arthritic left knee and noting some improvement in mobility and lack of pain and reduced locking. Two thumbs up!!”

  • I have arthritis in my knees, restless leg syndrome and neuropathy in both legs and hands. I was given a small amount of this cream to try and I am amazed at the positive results of this product.

  • Love your cream! Just bought some today and it seems to really be helping with my knees, which were really bad, and I had 4 surgeries on one! Thank you so much for making such a great product, and I’m sure I will have much more to say about it if this turns out to be a long term solution instead of something that just works for a while then stops working.

  • Absolutely love this topical balm. I have an old sports injury, previously tore my medial meniscus and have some discomfort whenever I work out. I applied this cream to my knee post work out and was it ever effective! I now use it regularly, post workout and it works extremely well at eliminating the pain. The balm is nice and light when applied, and smells amazing. I also use it on my dry hands; as a nurse I am using sanitizer on my hands quite frequently and I am prone to sore, dry patches by the end of my shift. This balm works wonders for that as well. A great all around balm to use for dry sore skin, and muscle/joint pain. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends!

  • The cream is incredible and got rid of my eczema and helps my hips and knees. Cheers.

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