To be transparent about any possible side effects when using our cosmetic skin cream we are sharing our testimonials.

In respect to those claiming positive side effects, we do not support these findings, and believe that any perceived positive side effects to be purely coincidental.  We are not aware of any negative side effects.

Rash / Itch / Skin Irritation

  • Impressive results means I want to share it with a friend who is suffering with a skin condition I believe this will help with.

  • This product worked wonders on my shingles rash. It immediately stopped the itching and reduced the pain by half. The waves of sharp stabbing pain In the effected area ceased within 20 minutes of application. I used the product in conjunction with traditional antiviral medication and the rash was seriously diminished in 24 hours and completely gone in 4 days. This product almost completely eliminates the lingering skin sensitivity, pain and itch that always remains in the effected area after the shingles rash clears up.

  • My cat developed a skin infection on his chin. It was very badly infected and his hair fell out of the chin area completely and he had scabs and weeping sores.  The vet gave me some scrub that was ineffective on its own, although I used it daily for 2 weeks. I then followed up the wash with Therapeutic Healing Cream and within a week, his chin was showing great signs of healing. After three weeks, he has now got his hair back and is comfortable. This Cream is wonderful for skin!

  • I initially thought I wouldn’t have much use for a cannabis cream because I don’t have any particular issues with my skin besides some facial acne. I’m glad I didn’t give my jar away to a friend. First I tried it on my dry hands and immediately noticed that it felt really nice, and smelled really good. It does smell like cannabis, but mixed with the lemon balm it’s very pleasant. It looks green but the color quickly goes away. In fact, the whole cream disappears into the skin quickly which I really like; I can use my hands right away without having that greasy feeling (unlike straight coconut oil, which I find is usually too greasy for moisturizing). After loving the way it felt on my hands and the smell, I had to try it on my face. If it doesn’t cause me to break out it’s a win. What I noticed when applying it to my face is, again, not too greasy. It disappears into the skin very fast, which of course is important for someone with oily, blemished skin. Also, within minutes, any redness in my face goes down. It’s amazing how fast this happens. AND no breakouts with this cream; in fact, it helps. I would highly recommend this cream to someone with acne and/or sensitive skin on the face. And last but not least, as I get a sore back from having a spinal fusion years ago, I decided to try rubbing it into the painful spots. The anti-inflammatory properties are incredible, because within minutes the soreness also went down. Thank you to the lovely couple that makes this cream who are so passionate about spreading positive information and a completely non-toxic product that heals. The world needs you!

  • My name is Stella and I am a cannabis user for many reasons but specifically relevant in this context, I use cannabis to manage pain and inflammation. My injuries have been preventing me from getting back into some of my favorite activities (eg. running, surfing, dancing, playing basket ball… etc) that keep me happy healthy and whole. I started using the Therapeutic Healing Cream 4 months ago to manage my neck, back, shoulder and hand pain from whiplash injuries I sustained. I have been struggling with chronic pain for years now and struggled to find anything that would help me manage my injuries in a sustainable way. I found that this cream started working within a few minutes and because THC is stored in your fat cells for 30 days, it keeps on working. The more you use it, the less you will feel the need to because the effects are compounding. Not only is it amazing for pain but also other conditions related to skin. I did Acutane twice, Proactive regime and pretty much every home remedy imaginable and nothing seemed to make a lasting improvement to my skins condition. I’ve been using the cream on my face everyday now instead of moisturizer and I’ve been getting compliments on my skin for the first time. I’ve started running again and though that might not mean much to some, it means the world to me. Thank you so much, Keep up the great work, you are so appreciated!

  • I suffer from a skin condition that seems to flare up intermittently on my face, causing me to hide in the shadows for days on end until it calms down. I have used many different cannabis salves and creams in the past, including recently when my partner’s co-worker made me a “special batch,” but can tell almost instantly by the smell if they will work or not — they usually don’t. When Karin gave me a sample of your salve I said, “Finally! This sh*t will actually work.” That night I used it on my face when it was so inflamed it hurt to smile, and by the time I had looked in the mirror the next morning it had healed almost 60% overnight.

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