To be transparent about any possible side effects when using our cosmetic skin cream we are sharing our testimonials.

In respect to those claiming positive side effects, we do not support these findings, and believe that any perceived positive side effects to be purely coincidental.  We are not aware of any negative side effects.

Insect Bites & Stings

  • I first put this cream on a mosquito bite and magically, there was no itch. Normally a mosquito bite on me would be itchy for days and days. Nothing, just a red lump on my skin where I had been bitten. Yesterday, I was stung by a wasp. Normally a wasp sting would leave me with huge swelling around the area and lots of itching and uncomfortable feeling for days. I put the cream on, it stopped swelling immediately, no itching, just a bit of redness and the obvious sting area itself. I’m impressed and will be bringing some of this to my family who live in the interior, an area with lots and lots of mosquitos and biting flies. Thanks, it rocks!

  • Recluse Spider Bite Product Used: Topical Green (Lemon Balm balm) I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on my right thumb, it started necrotizing the skin all around the area of the bite. Nothing worked until I started using topical green. Within a week it had completely healed and now I have a normal looking thumb.  – Elaine B. - November 25, 2021  

  • Love how it eases/stops the itch of mosquito bites for up to 8 hours. I have found many other uses as well

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