To be transparent about any possible side effects when using our cosmetic skin cream we are sharing our testimonials.

In respect to those claiming positive side effects, we do not support these findings, and believe that any perceived positive side effects to be purely coincidental.  We are not aware of any negative side effects.


  • I have been using your samples and have seen a huge change from Pain Killers to your balm.  I had a surgery last year and had been using pain killers 24 hr a day.  I was given your product and started to use it instead of the pills.  I have been now using it for a month and have seen the pain sensors in my wrist disappear.

    Joel Wrist Pain
  • Love your cream! Just bought some today and it seems to really be helping with my knees, which were really bad, and I had 4 surgeries on one! Thank you so much for making such a great product, and I’m sure I will have much more to say about it if this turns out to be a long term solution instead of something that just works for a while then stops working.

  • For post-surgery; Inflammation, Scarring & Pain Relief.   Two weeks using Therapeutic Healing Cream. Inflammation and Scarring gone!

    Post surgery, Inflammation-Scarring-Pain Relief
  • I had major knee surgery done recently, used the cream for two weeks, my pain, inflammation, and post surgery scarring gone!! Knee – Post Surgery 1 week using Therapeutic Healing Cream. 2 weeks using Therapeutic Healing Cream. Excellent results on Inflammation, Scarring and pain relief

    Excellent results on Inflammation, Scarring and pain relief
  • Nose Surgery Product Used: Topical Green (Lemon Balm balm) I started applying Clearikon Topical Green the day stitches were removed, 2 weeks after surgery. I applied to area down the top of my nose 2-3 times a day. I have NO VISIBLE SCAR! Amazing product! ?  

  • Surgical Site Scar Healed Product Used: Topical Green (Lemon Balm balm) Patient, Elaine B. had surgery on January 6, 2020. I had a major allergic reaction to the glue the doctor used to close my abdomen after colon surgery. I used the topical green on the area, within a day it had cooled the stinging down and the itching. Within a few days after the first use the wound had started healing, within 2 weeks it was completely healed.

    Elaine B.
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