Lemon Balm Gold

Healing Cream

  • All Purpose, All-natural
  • Plant-derived ingredients
  • Fast-acting
  • Safe to use
  • No known side effects

Our anti-aging healing ointment is designed to limit bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow and promote healing.  High in Anti-Oxidants, Nutrients, and Magic!

We guarantee our topical to work, for any use.


Skin Repair


Inflammation Care


Pain Management

Our testimonials are searchable by condition. 

What People Are Finding

  • Got a jar of the lemon balm given to me and it works wonders for my arthritis in my knees. I am almost out of it and I can’t seem to find a place that sells it. Please help!!! My knees need this… ???

  • Wow!! I’m fortunate enough to get foot rubs on my very sore and painful arthritic feet with this cream. Hubby’s hands feel great too! Not bad for a couple of seniors? I’m back at walking and very little pain! I need more.

  • I got a sample of your cream from my girl in Oak bay who does acupuncture. My son has major back problems and i gave him the sample, he said it works better than his pain killers with no side effects.

  • I have been using your samples and have seen a huge change from Pain Killers to your balm.  I had a surgery last year and had been using pain killers 24 hr a day.  I was given your product and started to use it instead of the pills.  I have been now using it for a month and have seen the pain sensors in my wrist disappear.

    Joel Wrist Pain
  • This has been a big help for me in a lot of ways, to the pain in my hand, the muscles in my neck, and the headache I get.  It has helped my mom a lot as well with her pain, so thank you a lot and keep up the good work.

  • I have arthritis in my knees, restless leg syndrome and neuropathy in both legs and hands. I was given a small amount of this cream to try and I am amazed at the positive results of this product.

  • Having used many tattoo balms and creams, as well with my experience in the industry with similar products, I have to give these guys 5 Stars.  1 application 3 days later, no dry skin.  True potential of the essential ingredients.  I recommend to anyone.

  • This has to be the very best pain reliever I’ve ever used, instant relief and lasts longer than any other creams used. Thank you, I’ll say it again, IT REALLY WORKS WONDERS.

    Gwen Back & Shoulder Pain
  • Love your cream! Just bought some today and it seems to really be helping with my knees, which were really bad, and I had 4 surgeries on one! Thank you so much for making such a great product, and I’m sure I will have much more to say about it if this turns out to be a long term solution instead of something that just works for a while then stops working.

  • I gave a sample of your cream to a friend of mine, who’s wife was suffering from hemorrhoids. She had tried a number of products over a couple of weeks, but could not find any relief from the pain, that literally had her in tears. He told me that twenty minutes after applying your cream, she was up dancing!

  • I was given a container from a coworker for my arthritis back pain. It is an amazing product. I can’t believe how fast the pain went away. I want to know how I can purchase more. Please let me know. Thanks

  • This lady suffers from eczema, and I contacted her to see if she was having any success with the cream; “The Cream is amazing. Greasy, but amazing! It clears my skin instantly, but if I don’t use it on the regular, it just goes back to normal. I try to use it as often as I can, so hopefully within the next month or so it’s completely gone. Thanks again so much!”

  • Worked amazing on my sunburn!!! I ended up with a bad sunburn on the top of both of my feet during my last vacation, when I applied the ointment to the area the burning sensation went away. I was able to wear my regular shoes and socks again with no pain. I definitely recommend using this product and it will ALWAYS travel with me.


Missy’s Story

Missy was referred to us by her Veterinarian on Vancouver Island with an old leg wound that was resistant to healing.  After getting the call from her owner Marilyn, we headed over to have a look and drop off some of our Lemon Balm Gold healing cream.  Marilyn sent us a video of how she applies the cream, great job Marilyn.  Fantastic recovery Missy!

You can also see our Lemon Balm topical (labelled as Topical Green for Clearikon Health) being applied by Dr. Carolin Von Rosenberg in Florida. https://clearikonhealth.com/pages/equine-case-studies-1

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